SAT Subject Tests and SAT Essays are a Thing of the Past

There will be more focus on AP exams, so my recommendation is to take your AP courses and their exams very seriously. In the absence of SAT Subject Tests, universities will be paying more attention to your AP scores as they are always looking to even out the playing field.

The College Board has also announced that they intend to revise the SAT Test in the near future and that they will be making the test digital in the years ahead. For the time being, there is nothing for you to do about this with the exception of preparing for testing. If you’re in grade 9, it is too early to prepare. If you’re in grade 11, take the test this year without the essay portion. If you’re in grade 10, you might want to accelerate your prepping for the SAT and taking the test as soon as you’re ready in order to be done with it. We certainly don’t want you to prepare for one test and then when it comes time to test, be faced with a new version of the test – requiring more test prep especially given that this will be new to all test prep instructors as well. For grade 10 students, time is of the essence.

According to College Board, more updates about the state of SAT testing will be released in April and I will keep students informed when the time comes.

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