We are a team of experts in SAT and ACT preparation. The strategies we teach aim to optimize a student’s overall standardized test scores. Our instructors have extensive experience teaching SAT and ACT preparation courses in the US and Canada. We collaborate with professionals in the fields of athletic recruitment, U.S. college admission preparation, campus tour providers as well as tutors in specific subjects in order to ensure that our students gain admission to colleges and universities that are a good fit for their athletic or academic profile. Together, we offer the spectrum of expertise required to guide students through the complicated US admissions process.

Frazer Roland

Frazer Roland is the founder of Can-Am Test Prep Academy, a test prep organization known for its extraordinary results and the care and attention it gives to each and every student.  He has over 20 years of experience tutoring all the components of the SAT and ACT.  From 2002 to 2005, he worked in the Washington D.C. area, Florida, and New York, teaching for one of the largest SAT/ACT prep organization in the U.S.  He has now made Vancouver his home and tutors  the SAT and ACT, having perfected his unique in-class and online face-to-face multimedia system of teaching.

Frazer attended the University of British Columbia and Capilano University in BC.  Having completed an honours degree in the Biological Sciences, he wrote his thesis on the Effects of Web-based Learning on Medical Student Performance for his degree from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Frazer has extensive experience teaching SAT and ACT preparation classes at Mulgrave School, St. George’s School, West Point Grey Academy, Southpointe Academy, and Burnaby Central Secondary School.

Frazer cares deeply about his students and is tireless when it comes to his teaching.  He brings insight, warmth, and intelligence to each and every encounter.  His energy, contagious enthusiasm, and humour make the tutorials a fun learning experience.  Time flies when students are absorbed in Frazer’s tutorials.  He is a veritable dynamo!..


Our Collaborators:

Bibi Malek

Bibi Malek is an independent educational consultant who specializes in U.S. university admission.  She is a graduate of Brown University and holds a Master’s Degree in education from Harvard University.  Having lived in the United States for over fifteen years, Bibi has tremendous insight into what makes for a successful college application and the key differentiators which university admissions officers are looking for.

Bibi is the founder and principal advisor of Select College Admissions in West Vancouver. She was formerly an interviewer and area chair, coordinating all interviews for Brown University’s Alumni Schools Committee in British Columbia.  Bibi is married to an M.I.T. alumnus and has the very personal experience of guiding their two sons through their successful application process to Stanford University (undergraduate admissions and graduate school) and to Rice University.

Bibi brings her expertise and insight to each and every encounter.  She keeps up to date on trends in college admissions, reviewing each student’s profile, providing individualized feedback as well as guidance and support on standardized test schedules, summer activities, recommendation letters, and other important factors.  She identifies a list of prospective universities based on fit and chances of admission.  Finally, she provides help with the college essays by making suggestions as to possible topics and encourages students to refine and enrich the contents of their application and essays.

Bibi’s familiarity with American universities and colleges and her experience with admission trends provide a wealth of knowledge to assist families in the complicated university application process.  Bibi is dedicated to finding the right academic, social and emotional fit for every student whether they are seeking admission to U.S. or Canadian universities.


Dr. Caroline Clarke

Caroline Clarke is the founder of University Scouting, a Canadian company, based in Vancouver B.C. Caroline has over a decade of experience studying and teaching at universities in Canada and the United Kingdom, and has visited many American university campuses. The enthusiasm she has for higher education is contagious, and will make visiting university and college campuses fun, while also learning about what the future has in store. Caroline will bring awareness, understanding and knowledge to those who take her tours and engage with her on campus life.

Caroline attended Trent University in Peterborough Ontario, completing her bachelor’s degree with honours in both Political Science and Women’s Studies. She then obtained her Master’s Degree in International Relations and International Political Economy at the University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom. Caroline completed her doctoral degree at the Brussels School of International Studies in Brussels, Belgium.


Alexa Loo

Alexa Loo is an expert mental coach and founder of Alexa Loo Coaching.  A two time Olympian in the sport of Parallel Giant Slalom (PGS) Snowboarding (2006 Turin and 2010 Vancouver), Alexa knows what it’s like to perform under pressure.  She is now sharing and teaching the mental training skills Olympians use to deliver top performances. She not only had to draw on these skills on the world stage, she also relied on them to successfully pass the difficult exams to become a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst on her first attempt.  Through group workshops and one-on-one tutoring, Alexa motivates and teaches students by using stories of her Olympic experiences along with humour and a genuine desire to see her students achieve success. Alexa creates customized, practical methods to help develop the necessary mental skills to tackle university applications and standardized tests.  She helps students craft their Personal Performance Plan (PPP). Her fun and easy to practice drills reduce stress, induce motivation, energy, and focus, as well as increase confidence to support high level performance in all facets of life.

Kasandra Eccles
Kasandra Eccles

Kasandra Eccles is the Director of Athletic Recruitment for Can-Am Athletic Scholarships (CAAS). She attended university in West Palm Beach, Florida on a golf scholarship. Upon returning to Canada, Kasandra studied Marketing and Business at BCIT; then went on to receive her Nursing Unit Coordinator certificate to work in the hospital. She is a certified SNAG instructor and also taught golf in elementary schools for the BCGA. Kasandra designs resumes and athletic profiles for student athletes to be sent to university coaches in Canada and the United States. She is also an LPGA apprentice currently working towards her Class A.

Kasandra and Coach Christa recently started a new junior golf tour in the Lower Mainland called the Grizzly Junior Golf Tour.


Barb Linkletter

Barb Linkletter is a fitness expert with many years of health and fitness expertise.  Barb Linkletter works with student athletes to match their unique talents with appropriate colleges and universities.  Barb’s flare for teaching began as a teenager in New Brunswick where, as a swimmer and competitive skater for over a decade, she successfully inspired and coached youth. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from St. Mary’s University, she moved to the West Coast to discover a passion for exercise and wellness. In 2002, she became a fitness trainer and started her own business.  The objective was simple: to educate and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and succeed in their sport.

Barb has over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Having trained former Olympians, golf professionals and high performance athletes, she has the knowledge, experience and passion for conditioning young athletes and the know-how for matching them with an appropriate university.  Together with Taronne Atley, Barb administers Can-Am Athletic Scholarships.


Nina Rousta

Nina Rousta assists students in their organizational skills and in mastering the reading, writing, math, and study skills needed to succeed in high school, university, and beyond. She is available for one-on-one tutoring in the following subject areas: Math, English, Science (gr. 10 or below), French, a variety of AP courses, Essay-Writing, IB Personal Project and IB Extended Essay, TOK and IB Internal Assessments, as well as help with Organizational Skills.

Nina graduated from SFU at the top of her class in the English and French Literature program. As well, Nina is a master pianist, representing the London College of Music, and has been teaching piano and tutoring students in academic subjects since 2004. She is absolutely adored by her students.