At Can-Am Test Prep Academy, our philosophy is based on service to the community in which we live and work, including collaborating with professional educators to create an efficient educational environment for students who seek an alternative post-secondary system to what is provided locally.  We enable Canadian students to achieve their goal of attending U.S. institutions of higher education, whether they are student-athletes or those seeking a specific academic environment as well as those pursuing full or partial scholarships.

Can-Am’s team members actively seek to collaborate with local schools, both public and private, to enhance the current educational curriculum by providing extra services outside of school hours, catering to those seeking a U.S. undergraduate or graduate education. We pick up where the school system and post-secondary counselors’ job responsibilities end and that is to provide extra services related to SAT, ACT, or GRE testing. We meet demand and a need in the market that is not part of the mandate of the school system. We see our role as one of the partners and collaborators, complementing the current educational curriculum by providing those extra services.  In partnership with schools, we can help fulfill the needs and desires of all the families we have the privilege to work with!

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