“Frazer is one of the most charismatic and intelligent teachers I have ever met in my life. His teaching methods differ from traditional schooling in a good way where he implements personal anecdotes and his choice of words leaves every lesson very memorable. The way how he broke down the rationale behind each answer in a humorous way made his lessons both engaging and informative. Frazer is also someone who goes above and beyond what is expected of him. He has given me countless advice and guided me to understand what I truly wanted to achieve. I have no doubt that Frazer directly helped me achieve my goal of getting accepted into the post-secondary institution of my dreams. I wholeheartedly endorse Frazer as both my go-to choice for an SAT tutor and a lifelong mentor.”

Nicholas Chau
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School– Class of 2024, Vancouver, B.C.
Johns Hopkins University – Pre-Med Biology, Class of 2028


“Going into SAT prep, I expected that although it was important, it would be a mostly dull experience. As I quickly learned, though, anything with Frazer could never be described as dull. Test prep was still the foundation of our sessions, but built on top of that were layers of obscure knowledge, unique perspectives, and advice that stretched far beyond just college preparation. We worked and practiced to the point where grammatical intricacies and mathematical tricks were almost instinctive, but Frazer always balanced our learning with memorable, exploratory discussions that made the whole experience genuinely exciting. I wholeheartedly believe that Frazer’s teaching was a great help with my college applications, beyond just my SAT score. Moreover, even had my applications turned out differently, I believe the lessons I learned with Frazer would have helped me no matter where I ended up.”

Gabriel Gonzalez
Mulgrave School – Class of 2024, West Vancouver, B.C.
Brown University – PPE, Class of 2028


“I began working with Frazer during the summer of grade 10 through 11, and during this time, I got to know one of the most intelligent and charismatic individuals. Frazer’s unique style of teaching is personalized to each student, and he introduces real-world scenarios to his questions, which helped me gain a better understanding of the concepts. Frazer also genuinely cares about his students, frequently checking in with me and always prioritizing my well-being. By adding humour, puns, and personal anecdotes, Frazer provided me with a sense of comfort and created a learning environment where I wasn’t afraid to take risks and push myself. Over time, Frazer has also become a valuable friend and mentor who always has my best interests in mind, but also provides me with advice from all perspectives so that I can make an informed decision. What I appreciated the most about Frazer was that he always supported me through the highs and lows, and never once doubted my abilities. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Frazer, as outside of the phenomenal standardized test preparation lessons, students will also leave with a lifelong mentor to help them achieve their dreams. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything, Frazer!”

Pradyun Chebolu
St. George’s School – Class of 2024, Vancouver, B.C.
Rice University – Major in Computer Science, Class of 2028


“A master of standardized tests and a built-in life coach, Frazer is unparalleled. Frazer thoroughly covered all testing material and provided expert strategies, while tailoring the content to my career goals. With his unique teaching style, Frazer made studying for the ACT truly enjoyable. After each tutorial, not only did I feel confident with the new material, but I also felt as though I had attended a TEDx Talk. Frazer was a constant source of support throughout my college admissions process. He worked wonders for me in a very short period of time and always left me feeling encouraged. In addition to going above and beyond during tutorials, Frazer provided invaluable connections outside of the classroom. He generously connected me with past students with similar goals; this was a great help during my college decision process. I would not have been able to successfully navigate standardized testing without Frazer’s expertise. I am honoured to be a Frazer-graduate and cannot recommend Frazer enough.”

Ontario, Canada
Harvard College – Concentration in Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2028


“I can not talk about my high school experience without mentioning one of the most influential people I met along the way. When I first started looking for an SAT tutor, I was not expecting much more than another teacher and a source of stress. However, from the get-go, I could tell that Frazer was different. The way he interweaved humour with his world-class knowledge made learning the SAT a breeze. His tips and tricks made the test seem like child’s play, while his planned and personalized lessons taught me lessons for life. I have used Frazer’s knowledge for much more than the SAT; the skills I have learned with him have helped me with internship applications and even my own in school work. Most importantly, Frazer’s belief in my strengths pushed me to reach my limits beyond what I thought possible. Beyond a tutor, I consider Frazer a great friend and mentor who allowed me to achieve my dreams.”

Sebastian Arevalo
Collingwood School – Class of 2024, West Vancouver, B.C.
NYU – Major in Economics, Class of 2028


“Frazer’s SAT/ACT prep classes were an unforgettable part of my academic preparation for the university system. His personable lessons and sense of humor allowed for a fun-filled experience, one where the student does not feel looked down upon.”

Duncan Winters
Dollar Academy – Class of 2023, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
Carnegie Mellon University – College of Engineering, Class of 2027


“Where do I even begin with Frazer? When I first met Frazer, he told me that I might initially feel intimidated by the style of his lessons but that I’d swiftly click and actually end up having a lot of fun. He couldn’t have been more correct. Frazer’s lessons are fast-paced and witty but ultimately extremely effective. Right off the bat, Frazer asked me what my goals were and since then he has never stopped believing in me. While so many teachers and other individuals told me to reevaluate my goals, Frazer always taught me to take myself seriously and to have no fear of dreaming big. Choosing to work with Frazer was one of the best decisions I made in high school and his enthusiasm for teaching far surpasses that of the many teachers I’ve encountered. A key thing that made working with Frazer so special is all the anecdotes he would share about his former students from my school who ended up going to top universities. Sharing these stories made me feel confident that I was walking on the path, the right path, of other students whom I look up to. Helping me maximize my ACT score was just a fraction of what Frazer was able to bring to our time together. With Frazer’s pieces of advice constantly running through my mind and motivating me to go further in every facet of life, I have no hesitation in recommending Frazer; you’ll end up finding a friend and mentor for life—I definitely did.”

Aman Dhillon
Mulgrave School – Class of 2023, West Vancouver, B.C.
Stanford University – Bioengineering, Class of 2027


“Words cannot explain the impact Frazer has had on me. With his highly effective and engaging teaching style, my ACT score improved by 8 points from taking my first practice test prior to starting with him to taking the actual test! His lessons are packed with strategies and techniques that not only make the information memorable but are also applicable beyond just the scope of the SAT/ACT. Many of the skills he taught me while preparing for the ACT were easily applicable to preparing for and taking the BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) for UK Medical Schools, which led to my offer to study Medicine at the University of Oxford as an international applicant. That just scratches the surface of Frazer’s impact on me. Beyond test prep, Frazer takes the time to connect with each of his students through personal anecdotes, advice, and life lessons which make classes more engaging, and also stick with students. I strongly recommend Frazer to anyone looking for an excellent ACT/SAT tutor. Thank you for everything, Frazer!”

Artin Manafi-Khosroshahi
Mulgrave School – Class of 2023, West Vancouver, B.C.
Oxford University – Medicine, Class of 2029


“My name is Johnny. I graduated from high school in the 2023 academic year and am currently enrolled in the Rotman Commerce program at the University of Toronto. I credit a significant part of my success to Frazer. My experience with him was nothing short of incredible. His expertise, patience, and personalized teaching approach notably enhanced my academic performance. Frazer simplified complex concepts and instilled in me a sense of confidence. Thanks to him, I achieved an ACT score I’m truly proud of, in addition to gaining invaluable life skills. I would strongly recommend Frazer to anyone in search of a first-rate tutor. Thank you, Frazer!”

Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto , Class of 2027


“I cannot express enough gratitude towards Frazer for the invaluable assistance he provided me throughout my high school journey. He is an exceptional teacher who genuinely prioritizes the success and growth of his students. Frazer’s tutorials were amazing, and I can confidently say that he could teach any concept more effectively in five minutes than most tutors could in an hour. Every session with Frazer during my test preparation became something I eagerly anticipated, as he effortlessly made each class enjoyable and captivating. Upon completing my test prep, I attained a score that I never believed I could achieve when I first commenced my studies with Frazer. His unwavering support instilled in me a newfound sense of confidence and readiness on the day of the test. Additionally, Frazer consistently exceeded expectations by extending his assistance beyond SAT test preparation. He willingly provided me with additional guidance and advice concerning my academics and extracurricular activities. Frazer’s dedication transformed him from a mere tutor into a mentor who played a pivotal role in my high school success and university admissions. He enabled me to recognize strengths within myself and helped me uncover my true potential as a student. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Frazer to any student who aspires to attain an exceptional score on the ACT/SAT. His expertise, guidance, and genuine care for his students make him an invaluable resource for test preparation.”

Sam Purcell
Handsworth Secondary School – Class of 2023, North Vancouver, B.C.
Brown University – Business Economics, Class of 2027


“When I initially enrolled in Frazer’s program, my expectations were ambiguous. However, from the start, I was thoroughly impressed by his profound knowledge and infectious enthusiasm which he conveyed in every teaching session. Each interaction was utilized to the maximum extent, with Frazer ensuring my comprehension of all topics and strategies pertaining to my college entrance exams. He further enhanced my understanding by relating the material to real-world scenarios and anecdotes. As the testing date approached, I found myself equipped with newfound confidence unlike any I had experienced during previous tests. I firmly maintain that given your commitment, Frazer can significantly augment your testing capabilities and resilience. I unequivocally recommend his ACT program to any student!”

Lynus Fu
Nevada Learning Academy – Class of 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada
NYU – Global Liberal Studies (Politics, Rights, and Development), Class of 2027


“I began scheduling sessions with Frazer at the onset of my junior year and ever since, his influence on my academic growth and overall development has been considerably positive. His tutorial sessions were not only interesting but also highly effective. Frazer excelled at breaking down concepts for thorough understanding, always ensuring my full comprehension of the subject matter. The SAT knowledge, tactics, and shortcuts that he imparted are invaluable and go beyond what one can glean from textbooks alone. My time spent with Frazer has led to more than just rote learning; it has expanded my intellectual horizons. Frazer himself is an intriguing individual and a steadfast supporter. He has proven to be both a guide and role model during my high school years, especially throughout the university application process. I am deeply thankful for stumbling upon Frazer during a period of academic stress. I would emphatically recommend him to anyone gearing up for the SAT or ACT exams.”

Samantha Waugh
Collingwood School – Class of 2023, West Vancouver, B.C.
UCLA – Major in Business Economics / Minor in Social Data Science, Class of 2027


“I began working with Frazer just two months before my test date. Despite the delayed start, he adeptly modified his curriculum, effectively preparing me for success. On the day of the actual exam, I found myself considerably more relaxed than during the practice tests I had taken prior to partnering with Frazer. His distinctive mix of wit and engagement not only enhances test strategy development but also ignites a genuine interest in the subject matter. Frazer is more than a mere tutor; he’s a devoted mentor dedicated to his students’ success. My deepest gratitude to you, Frazer!”

Luke Jones
Mira Loma High School – Class of 2022, Sacramento, California
Haverford College – Mathematics, Class of 2026

“My academic journey has not been an easy one. Balancing rigorous AP classes, extra circulars and clubs had been difficult enough, but adding SAT prep was a challenge I wasn’t prepared to take on. Having Frazer not only as a tutor but as a coach to guide me through this time was undeniably essential to my success. Frazer takes the time to teach material that will appear on the SAT while also preparing you for more advanced and challenging questions beyond the textbooks. He teaches you about the tricks to ace any standardized test, a unique skill that I and many of his students will use in our future careers. His unwavering support and guidance is what motivated me through the daunting admissions process. Thank you, Frazer!”

Bella Lawton-Giustra
Collingwood School – Class of 2021, West Vancouver, B.C.
Brown University – Class of 2025

“Beyond simply being my ACT tutor, Frazer’s unique philosophy on life compelled me to explore my passions further. I remember the first time I walked into Frazer’s office, seeing the five different skulls, instantly signaling that this man is no ordinary tutor. Aside from the ACT lessons, Frazer always found ways to connect the content of our lessons to real-world applications. He would tell me stories about how he discovered Pythagoras’s theorem from his childhood kitchen tiles pattern. In another instance, following a practice ACT Reading section, Frazer dived into the historical and political significance of the term “bourgeois” — detailing its origins in France and its 20th-century political implications. I can confidently say that I learned a lot more per hour with Frazer than at my school. Beyond instilling the necessary knowledge to take the ACT, Frazer prepared me for life in college as well. As a rising Junior, I can say in hindsight, my time with Frazer had the most significant impact on my high school to college academic journey.”

Ian Ching
Elliott School in International Affairs, George Washington University – Class of 2024
Major: International Affairs, Minor: Philosophy

“Frazer isn’t just someone who’ll enable you to get a 35 on your ACT; I could’ve achieved that with any other provider or on my own. However, what I’ve gotten out of my lessons was far more valuable than just getting a high mark on some meaningless standardized test. Throughout the months that I’ve worked with him, Frazer has challenged me to think beyond the course material and develop a genuine appreciation and interest for physics, which in my opinion is something money will never buy. He has also instilled in me the confidence and ambition to reach for whatever I want to be, and it has paid off. Maybe I’m delusional. But I sure will not be satisfied with anything less.”

Jeffrey Kwan
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Class of 2021, Vancouver
UCLA – Class of 2025

“Being the last of four Huebners to go through the admissions process, I have been grateful to have Frazer and Bibi’s assistance the whole way. Applying during a global pandemic has been daunting. However, this powerful duo has helped me gain admission into the school of my dreams. Although Frazer is positioned as an ACT/SAT tutor, he is far more than that. He tutors with such enthusiasm, making every class enjoyable. His advice and mentorship will stick with me for a long while. I cannot recommend him enough and I am so excited that I am going to be attending USC Marshall School of Business this upcoming fall.”

Olivia Huebner
Collingwood School, Class of 2021, West Vancouver
USC – class of 2025

“Through riveting discussions, engaging PowerPoints, and even some catchy acronyms, Frazer managed to make standardized test preparation a fun and invigorating opportunity. His passion for college admissions inspired me to fall in love with the process as well. His charisma engaged me and truly pushed me to be the best student I could be. The fast-paced and content-packed hours spent with Frazer taught me lessons that far surpassed what is written in the SAT textbooks. With Frazer’s help, I learned how to approach tests of all kinds with confidence. It is because of the motivation I gained from weekly sessions with Frazer that I am attending my dream school this fall: UC Berkeley.”

Devon Seybold
Mulgrave School – Class of 2021, West Vancouver
UC Berkeley – class of 2025
“Thank you so much, Frazer, for helping me with my test preparation and so much more. While preparing for the SAT and ACT, I learned many valuable life lessons and skills that I’m excited to take to New York next year, where I will be studying at NYU. I feel so fortunate to have shared many laughs with Frazer over the short period of time we worked today. He pushed me to not only work harder in my test preparation but in all facets of life, through his unwavering belief in me. Thank you, Frazer, for being so dedicated, kind, and hard-working. It was a pleasure to get to know you. I will miss hearing your stories next year while at university.”

Lola Bosa
Collingwood School, Class of 2021, West Vancouver
NYU – class of 2025

“Frazer has been an amazing ACT prep and SAT Subject Test (Math2 and Physics) teacher to me. He not only teaches you content beyond the high school curriculum but also coaches you to become a smart test-taker, aware of the secret rules behind standardized testing. More importantly, Frazer was one of my main sources of motivation and inspiration back in high school when I was stressed out about university admission. He has the magical ability to increase anyone’s confidence and yearning for success. I would not be where I am today without the positive, determined attitude in life that he instilled in me.”

Judy Jiang
St. John’s School, Class of 2020, Vancouver
The University of Southern California, class of 2024

“Thank you so much, Frazer, for helping me with my test preparation. I gained knowledge and skills that I had not learned in high school. It was such a pleasure working with you; I always enjoyed every class. Your wise words and your professional help have benefited me a great deal during my university application process and for that, I am very grateful!”

Joanna Zhuang
Mulgrave School – Class of 2019, West Vancouver
The University of Chicago – class of 2023

“Frazer tutored me in ACT, SAT, and SAT Math II, which included seminar-style classes, small online group classes, and online private lessons. Every class was a mix between laughing at Frazer’s humour, being astonished by his heroic stories of students conquering the tests, crying of happiness for finally getting 20 additional points on the mock SAT, or occasionally screaming of frustration thinking we would never be able to attain that golden acceptance letter. Yet, he would quickly reassure us to keep our heads high and our vision wide. In class, we not only learned about the ultimate strategies to conquer the mighty standardized tests but he also showed us how to view the world through a different lens, teaching us that there is no such thing as the impossible. Frazer cheered me on from the beginning of the race in grade 10 until the finish line in grade 12, believing in me and coaching me every step of the way. He was not only an amazing teacher but he has now become a lifelong mentor. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for everything he has done for me. Frazer is one-of-a-kind!”

Anna Edmonds
Mulgrave School – Class of 2019, West Vancouver
Stanford University – class of 2023

“Over the years I have taken many classes with Frazer from ACT prep, to SAT subject test prep, to online group classes. Striking a balance between studying and humor, Frazer’s classes make learning enjoyable. Frazer is truly a dedicated, motivated, and inspirational person. He is full of wisdom and has just the perfect recipe for success. Having taught for several years, Frazer has perfected his craft by streamlining his course material to what is essential for examinations. His vast knowledge in a variety of fields is not only astonishing but is an amazing tool that he is willing to share with those who are driven and hardworking. You will never meet someone with a greater passion for helping students reach their goals than Frazer. His positive attitude and outlook on life are both valuable attributes that I will forever carry with me. Thank you so much for all of your support and help in reaching my target university!”

Muneet Gill
Collingwood School, Head Girl– Class of 2019, West Vancouver
Brown University – Class of 2023

“Frazer Roland does not teach you the perspective of a test-taker, but rather the test-maker. With both the knowledge necessary to teach the test’s nuts and bolts as well as the experience to teach the optimal mental approach for each section, Frazer dedicates himself to his highly individualized standardized test preparation service. He helped me gain admission to Amherst College, and I’m very grateful I had the chance to work with such a gem of a tutor.”

Thank you!!!!!
Jack Dove
Hopkins School – Class of 2019, New Haven, CT
Amherst College – Class of 2023

“Frazer taught me how to look for answers from unique perspectives, leading to an effortless testing process for the SAT and SAT Math II.”

Joy Yang
Richmond Secondary School – Class of 2019, Richmond
Carnegie Mellon University – Class of 2023

“Thank you so much for all your help in preparing me for not only the ACT but also in college admissions in general. Although I didn’t realize it right away, your words of guidance motivated me tremendously to work my absolute hardest, and ultimately helped me to get me to where I am today.”

Basil Wang
West Point Grey Academy – Class of 2019, Vancouver
The University of Chicago – Class of 2023

“I took Frazer’s ACT preparatory course in the 2017-2018 school year. Frazer was integral in my understanding of key concepts and ideas on the standardized test and he was pivotal in obtaining a high score. His knowledge and expertise were unmatched. Frazer genuinely cares for his students and is extremely personable. I would highly recommend him!”

Nicole Basran
Collingwood School – Class of 2019, West Vancouver
McGill University – Class of 2023

“Frazer and Bibi were introduced to me at the most stressful time of my life where I neither had a clear vision of where I would end up for university nor even knew whether I had the ability to achieve my dreams. However, with the tutoring provided by Frazer and a grounding in his unique strategies, I was able to gain a good ACT score. That, combined with Bibi’s advice on my essays, enabled me to get into my university of #1 choice in the early round. By engaging me in the process, they made time pass really fast and with minimal stress. I would recommend Frazer and Bibi to any student who wishes to get into a top-tier university.”

Fred Feng
Collingwood School – Class of 2019, West Vancouver
Northwestern University – class of 2023

“Frazer’s classes provided me structured, in-depth approach to tackling the ACT, which helped me improve my score by 6 points. I also enjoyed the personal class environment Frazer created; he managed to make studying for these tests fun and enjoyable!”

Ethan Lippman
Mulgrave School – Class of 2019, West Vancouver
The University of Southern California – Class of 2023

“Walking into my first SAT class in the summer before tenth grade, the sense of dread that I initially felt at spending part of my summer indoors quickly vanished when I met our instructor, Frazer. With his high energy, humor, enthusiasm, and crazy stories, he motivated us to give it our all. Math has never been my personal strong suit and it was my biggest fear when approaching standardized tests. Yet, Frazer made math seem easy, enabling me to do complex problems in a matter of seconds using the plethora of tips and tricks he offered. While I also enjoyed many private lessons with Frazer, my personal favorites were the group SAT and ACT sessions I enrolled in. By bringing out my competitive side in these classes and encouraging the “tiger” within me to show itself, Frazer allowed me to reach levels I never thought possible within all SAT/ACT subject areas. He taught me to never give up, to always persevere, to not doubt my abilities, and it is in part because of him and the ACT score he led me to achieve, that I will be attending my dream school, Claremont McKenna next fall.”

Shanil Verjee
Mulgrave School – Class of 2017, W. Vancouver, Canada
Claremont McKenna College –  Class of 2021

“Along with helping me reach my target ACT score, you also taught me three invaluable lessons which enabled me to get into my top choice university and which I know will help me throughout my life as well.
#1-  Always dream. Dream as big as you can even though your dreams may seem unattainable.
#2- Don’t fear failure, learn from it and get back up again.
#3- Persevere. Never stop trying, practicing, and reaching beyond your limits.
Thanks for everything!”

Isabella Edmonds
Mulgrave School – Class of 2017, W. Vancouver, Canada
University of Pennsylvania – Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business, Class of 2021

“From the time I walked into Frazer’s place for our first appointment, I was struck by his charisma, intelligence, and genuine desire to help me achieve my goals. After that first appointment, I moved away from home, to the UK, and continued my sessions with Frazer online. I have been truly impressed with his diligence and the way that he has managed to still help me to the fullest extent, despite different time zones and busy schedules. I would recommend Frazer to anybody who is looking for improvement in their ACT/SAT score, and who has a desire and willingness to learn, adapt and consistently work hard. Frazer’s belief in my abilities and encouragement to keep going despite discouraging scores are the reason why I am where I am today, and I am incredibly grateful.”

Ariana Jessa
Stratford Hall / UWC Atlantic College – Class of 2017, Wales, UK
UC Berkeley Class of 2021

“Summarizing my incredible relationship with Frazer in a few words may be an even more challenging task than uncovering College Board’s SAT secrets. Frazer’s job description doesn’t do justice to his special intellectual and emotional intelligence. Listen to him speak for 30 minutes and you’ll fully believe the rumors of how smart, kind, hysterical, and inspirational he is. Most importantly, my friendship with Frazer isn’t limited to what’s between the covers of a torn-apart SAT textbook. I value his mentor-ship and know that our relationship will continue far into the future, growing and maturing as new endeavors and obstacles appear in our lives.”

Connor Riley (Athlete: Golf)
Oakville Trafalgar High School – Class of 2016, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Brown University – Class of 2020

“Commitment, creativity, and confidence are just a few of the many things that Frazer has taught me. His humour and wisdom turned ACT prep into one of my more enjoyable extracurricular activities. I found myself improving not only as a test taker but as a student overall. Between his hilarious stories and dedication to success, I have no doubt that Frazer’s assistance led to my acceptance. I highly recommend Can-Am Test Prep tutoring to anyone who is planning on taking their ACT or SAT. You will see an improvement in your test scores as well as a boost in your overall self-assurance.”

Hailey Szybunka (Athlete: Field Hockey)
Collingwood School – Class of 2016, W. Vancouver, Canada
Stanford University –  Class of 2020

“Gaining admission to top-ranked schools may seem like a daunting task, especially to a stressed-out teenager. Frazer and Bibi, however, have this amazing way of breaking things down to make the college application process that much more manageable. And whether it’s helping you rock your standardized tests or craft that perfect essay, they really are with you every step of the way.”

L. Huebner
Collingwood School – Class of 2016, W. Vancouver, Canada
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) –  Class of 2020
Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business

“Frazer was more than an SAT tutor; what he taught me during our lessons goes much further than just exercises for standardized test preparation. We set a goal, and with persistence and determination, Frazer was instrumental in leading me to where I am today. Being across the planet from one’s tutor and mentor might be seen as a challenge but with Frazer’s revolutionary technologies and outstanding teaching methods, I felt he was in the room with me, making learning fun and enjoyable. He proved to me that his motto of Where there is a will, there is a way, is absolutely true. Thank you, Frazer!”

Mauricio Pasmanik
Beit Yaacov School – class of 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC Herzliya), Israel – Business Administration class of 2018

“Frazer prepares students for standardized testing in a completely unique and effective manner. He helps students understand the test itself and how to improve in test-taking skills. From my experience, I have not seen any other test prep organizations teach this way. Frazer certainly helped me improve the most and is the most encouraging mentor I have encountered.”

Lucia Huo
Crofton House School – Class of 2016, Vancouver, Canada
The University of Pennsylvania –  Class of 2020

“If there is one thing I learned by working with Frazer, besides how to ace the SAT, it is to be clever.  Without a doubt, his strategies really work! He taught me how to get results by going through the most effective and short method possible – and that is the secret ingredient to achieving a high score on standardized tests. He grabbed my attention in the first minute of the first lesson. He has a special talent for engaging each student, speaks with a remarkable vocabulary, and gives intuitive tips which, with practice, become subconsciously ingrained in the student’s mind.  Reminding myself of his advice during the test is what made me succeed. It is clear that Frazer is passionate about the work he does and nothing matters more to him than seeing his students succeed. Hiring Frazer is the best thing I ever did, an investment in my education.  I recommend him wholeheartedly. Thanks, Frazer!”

Philipe Charak
Beit Yaacov School – IB Diploma class of 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC Herzliya), Israel – Business Administration class of 2018

“Gaining admission to so many amazing universities and eventually choosing to matriculate at Brown University would not have been possible without Frazer’s help. His students do not see Frazer as just another instructor, but a trustworthy friend who helps them achieve their goals and encourages them every step of the way to help make their dreams become reality. His stories inspire and encourage students to keep going and never give up. Frazer’s PowerPoints and multimedia are an extraordinary and unique teaching tool that makes ACT and SAT test preparation fun and entertaining experience.  He allows lots of student interaction to ensure engagement in his class. Frazer continuously came up with new techniques that matched my abilities to challenge me, ensuring my high scores. No words can truly express how thankful I am for everything Frazer and Sandy have done for me. No one else could possibly do a better job than they have.”

Ghazal Aghagoli
Mulgrave School – Class of 2015,  W. Vancouver, Canada
Brown University – Premed, Class of 2019

“My initial experience with SAT prep locally cost me three months and 2 official SAT tests, with lousy performances on both tests.  Then friends recommended working with Frazer online. It was indubitably the best investment I have ever made.  SAT lessons with Frazer were fun as he has an innovative way of going through the traditional SAT.  His multimedia slideshows are both entertaining and effective.  As well, he uses language and anecdotes that make the content easier to absorb. As a matter of fact, in the first six lessons we had, I improved my SAT score by 180 points.  Working with Frazer went way beyond test prep. He stayed with me after our tutorials were over, debating varied topics, and also served as my mentor. I would call him at odd hours, yet he was always very attentive to my concerns. Frazer and Sandy helped edit my college essays. Overall view: totally recommending Frazer at 100%.”

Oscar Dayan
Beit Yaacov School, graduated in 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Bentley University, Economics-Finance, Class of 2019

“Before I leave for Harvard, I would like to thank Frazer for his tutoring and his extraordinary efforts which led to my success on the ACT as well as on the Math II & Physics subject tests. Frazer’s teaching style is technical and professional, yet funny and engaging. If I had to write these exams again, I would not hesitate to take Frazer’s courses and follow his superb advice.  He went beyond the call of duty to help set up a website to showcase my accomplishments and diverse interests and helped videotape my introduction. Thank you, Frazer, for your genuine interest in me; you truly are a unique mentor!”

Duncan Stothers
St. George’s School – Class of 2015, Vancouver, Canada
Harvard University – Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Class of 2019

“Frazer has a unique and unconventional method for training students for the SAT.  It is, however, very effective. From his “Hamburger” style essay which is layered with essential essay ingredients to referring to run-on sentences as “verbal diarrhea”, his sessions are memorable. Students will be amazed by the unpredictable tricks that may be applied as shortcuts in order to achieve a better score. During the whole process, Frazer provides lots of handouts and gives mock tests to assess what his students have learned, helping them to perfect their test-taking skills. For those students who wish to achieve a high score on the SAT, there is no better instructor than Frazer.  He is absolutely amazing!”

Gabriel Kupferman
Beit Yaakov School, class of 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Frazer coached my twin sons (preparing one for the SAT and one for the ACT). He prepared them for AP and SAT Subject Tests in Math and Physics as well – most of it done online. His work is single-handedly responsible for their admittance to their top choice universities, in the early decision – first round. It was such a relief to hear, on December 15, that both boys were all set and had no worries for the remainder of their senior year. Our boys are so different and Frazer showed incredible skill at connecting with them, drawing the best out of each one, and keeping them interested in the subject matter, no matter what.  He nurtured and encouraged their interests, motivated them to do well and to step out of their comfort zone, and boosted their self-confidence.  Frazer, we can’t thank you enough and will think of you forever with a great deal of gratitude.  See you at the boys’ graduation.”

M. Saghri, Parent of twins
Green Farms Academy – class of 2015, CT., USA
Syracuse University – Public Relation & Multimedia, Class of 2019 (Newhouse School of Public Communications)
Dartmouth College – Materials Engineering, Class of 2019 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Our son Matthew attended a year of SAT and ACT prep sessions with Frazer Roland in 2013. Subsequently, he received offers in the USA and offers to particular Canadian programs, which also requested these scores. Our acquaintance with Frazer began as happenstance: His Can-Am Test Prep Academy sessions were conveniently being held at our school and it was the first and only place we looked. Frazer proved to be a particularly intuitive and engaging educator and after each session, Matthew would speak of his admiration for Frazer and his teaching style, and that was good for us. Later on, I had the opportunity to observe his teaching in a private “wrap-up” session and I was very impressed with Frazer’s enthusiastic and entertaining style of teaching, which really is a gift to an educator. It commands your full attention and engagement. Frazer is particularly interested in the student’s reception of the material, and he is very supportive of parents. Without any hesitation, we highly recommend Frazer Roland and Can-Am Test Prep Academy.”

Adele & Thomas Zwimpfer, Parents of Matthew
Mulgrave School– Class of 2014, W. Vancouver, Canada
Univ. of Pennsylvania – Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2018 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“With great assistance from Mr. Roland, our son, David, was skillfully prepped, motivated, and encouraged through to a successful conclusion, involving admission into Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Yale Singapore, and the University of Chicago. Mr. Roland was instrumental in preparing our son for the key admissions tests, ensuring that David was able to achieve the high entrance standards required by leading U.S. institutions.” …. Read more

Carolyn Cross Parent of David Cross
Mulgrave School –  Class of 2014, W. Vancouver, Canada
Stanford University – Biology Class of 2018 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Frazer’s guidance was essential to helping me gain admission into the post-secondary institution of my choice. His relentless enthusiasm, good humour, and constant dedication provided me with the encouragement to pursue my dreams and overcome the obstacles in my way. His insights also provided me with a deeper understanding of the American standardized testing process as well as university environments in Canada and the United States. Through his lessons, I was able to achieve a nearly perfect score of 35/36 on the ACT Test and a perfect score of 800/800 on the SAT Subject Test in Math Level 2. Not only did Frazer teach me the methods and techniques required to excel on these tests, but he also provided me with valuable personal advice that proved to be pivotal in making my final decision. For all his help and support, both as mentor and friend, I am deeply grateful to Frazer and wish him all the best in the future.”

Carlos Martin
Mulgrave School –  Class of 2014, W. Vancouver Canada
Columbia University – Engineering, Class of 2018 Egleston Scholars Program ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Dear Frazer, I don’t have the words to express to you my gratitude for your time, knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to our son, Carlos. Before registering him for the ACT course, I had heard very positive comments about you but, at that time, I couldn’t imagine the impact you were going to have on Carlos. After only one session, we noticed a big and positive change in our son. He had become infected with your contagious enthusiasm; he was determined to put all the effort he could into his test preparation and the whole university application process. He was admitted to Columbia Engineering’s Egleston Scholars Program with very high standardized test scores after only one attempt at the ACT and SAT Subject Tests. Thank you with all my heart.”

Patricia Garcia, Parent of Carlos Martin
Mulgrave School – Class of 2014, W. Vancouver, Canada
Columbia University – Engineering, Class of 2018 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Frazer has been a great friend and mentor to me. Not only did I enjoy his company and humour, but he did a tremendous job of coaching me on how to prepare for the ACT.  Going through the ACT material, his quick pace paired with consistent patience is truly one of a kind.  He pointed out tips and tricks that I would have never seen on my own.  Prior to periodical meetings with Frazer four weeks before my ACT test date, I did not realize how much assistance I truly needed to obtain a good score.  With a mere few weeks of preparation, Frazer helped me achieve a score of 30. Looking back, it’s truly a shame that I didn’t know about him six months earlier, as my score could have improved even more.”

AJ McFarlane
Vancouver College – Class of 2014, Vancouver, Canada
Phillips Andover Academy – Class of 2015 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Frazer always brought two invaluable qualities to his teaching: unreserved enthusiasm and perpetual dedication. He is someone who pushed me hard to get the best out of every minute of time we had. His enthusiasm was infectious, and I found myself relishing the challenges he was placing in front of me, no easy feat when it comes to standardized testing! Frazer compelled me to work hard, and I got the sense that he was putting in just as much effort as I was, to help push me to that next level. For someone who had no prior experience with American standardized testing, I had a mountain to climb starting SAT prep in Grade 11. Frazer helped push me over that mountain and then some, allowing me to get the scores I needed to be competitive and ultimately successful in my US applications process, gaining admission to Harvard University in the early admission round.”

Toby Roper
Mulgrave School – Class of 2013
Harvard University – International Relations, Class of 2017 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Frazer has helped me with SAT and ACT preparation, teaching me various methods to tackle both standardized tests. With his tutoring, my SAT score went up by about 600 points within a short period of time. Right before applying, I panicked as I thought my SAT score was not high enough for the universities I wanted to attend. I decided to prep for the ACT. Even though there wasn’t much time left before submitting applications, Frazer helped me achieve a score of 34/36 on the ACT within three weeks. I was admitted early to a highly selective U.S. university but chose a direct-entry medical program overseas.  In addition, to test prep tutoring, Frazer gave me personal advice with regards to post-secondary education, study mentality, and career options. Frazer was more than just an SAT/ACT tutor; he was and continues to be a friend and mentor.  I am very thankful to have known him.”

Jonathan Cheung
Vancouver College – Class of 2013
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin – Medicine, Class of 2019     

“We would like to thank Frazer for helping our son, Conrad, in preparing for the SAT. Immediately following the first session, Conrad told us he loved Frazer’s teaching style and found him extremely enthusiastic. Although Conrad only had 4 months to prepare with Frazer, his SAT score went up by 200 points. We really appreciate Frazer’s efforts as he provided Conrad with many practical tools for writing a good essay. Conrad’s writing score jumped over 100 points and he now has confidence in his writing. Besides being extremely sincere and supportive, Frazer has a big heart when it comes to his students.  Last but not least, we want to thank Sandy for her patience for the many times we needed to change our schedule. They are both warm and full of humor. Conrad still recalls the desserts and drinks provided to him during his breaks which made the learning environment very relaxing! Although Conrad was admitted to Boston University, he decided to take up the University of Toronto on their generous scholarship offer. We highly recommend Frazer to all those in need of test prep.”

Corrina & Alvin Chow, Parents of Conrad Chow
Gleneagles Secondary School – Class of 2014
University of Toronto, Ontario – Class of 2018 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“It was a pleasure to work with Can-Am Test Prep Academy and specifically with Frazer to improve my SAT skills. Frazer’s passion for the material radiates through his teaching and translates into a superb learning environment. I continue to use many of the methods and techniques that Frazer was able to teach me during the time I spent being tutored by him. He was kind and always happy to help me out with my questions; we continue to stay in touch! It is obvious that Frazer truly cares about the learning outcome for the students he works with. I was able to boost my SAT score and gain entrance to Seton Hall University in New Jersey. I will be graduating soon, and I know I couldn’t have done it without Frazer. Thanks again, Frazer!”

Carl Johnston
Seton Hall University – Premed, Class of 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Our daughter, Hailey, used the services of Can-Am Test Prep Academy for her US university SAT preparation. We found her instructor, Frazer Roland, to be a very effective teacher, using a different style and approach to the study of the SAT. We believe that his teaching methods were instrumental in our daughter’s very high SAT score. She did one-on-one tutoring as well as classroom sessions. We are happy to report that she has been accepted early admission into Princeton University.”

Kim Reeves, Parent of Hailey (Athlete, Field Hockey)
Collingwood School, Head Girl – Class if 2013, W. Vancouver, Canada
Princeton University – Class of 2017, New Jersey _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Frazer has helped me immensely to achieve a great score on the ACT. Although at times, it may seem that his methods are repetitive, his strategies stick with you when it counts. On test day, you are shell-shocked and numb and your actions need to be second nature in order to be effective. Thanks to Frazer’s teaching style, you remember what is needed to succeed. With the help of Frazer, I was able to achieve a 34 on the ACT and would definitely recommend him as an ACT tutor..”

Jack H.
Collingwood School –  Class of 2013. W. Vancouver
University of Southern California (USC) – Class of 2017 – Admitted to Freshman Honors Science with 1/2 tuition scholarship __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Our daughter attended four SAT prep sessions with Frazer in 2011. Subsequently, she scored 2,250 and secured offers from Williams College and Duke University, among other universities. At our initial visit, Frazer said I could either stay and listen, sit in his comfortable living room, or leave and come back for pick up. I decided to listen for a while.  Three hours later, I was still there and mesmerized by his unique style. I could not believe the time had gone by so quickly; he moves at a rapid clip, aided by advanced technology and an amazing graphic display; he doesn’t waste a second. I found that our daughter built an instant bond with Frazer; he clearly understands his audience and this is obviously important especially due to the pace and intensity of the sessions.  Frazer is a pleasant, thoughtful, understanding and kind person. He knows he can make a difference and he does so with passion and enthusiasm. All students will come away better for the experience, and undoubtedly with improved SAT or ACT test scores. There are times when you don’t have to comparison shop to appreciate what you need. Frazer is the best – look no further.”

Clive Bird
Axis Insurance Managers Inc
1108 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, V6H 3Z5
D 604-708-6245 | M 604-617-1807 | F 604-731-3137
E: cbird@axisinsurance.ca | W: www.axisinsurance.ca

“I want to thank Frazer for helping my son, Mathew Guidi, realize his full potential. Frazier worked with my son on the SAT and math for close to a year. During this time, I observed my son gaining both knowledge and confidence. Although Mathew didn’t go to the States to play volleyball, he did get a sports scholarship to UBC. In order to gain admission into his program of choice at UBC, he had to maintain a very high GPA. This could not have happened without the guidance and tutoring provided by Frazer. I would highly recommend Frazer to anyone in need of test prep.”

Meralee Guidi

“Dear Frazer- Our educational consultant from Select College Admissions said you are the best in the standardized test prep business and that we were in great hands. Well, she was correct! You have to know how thrilled we are with (our son’s) results. Our gratitude to you for preparing him for the SAT is tremendous. His admission to a selective college, where he will undoubtedly have a wonderful four years, would have not been possible without all your efforts. (Our younger son) has developed a very special bond with you and looks forward to when you come to our home for SAT and math tutoring. We all feel you are a part of our family. Your generosity and humanity are very much appreciated. You give of yourself without bounds, you never compare your students, treating them each as a valuable individual and having their well-being at heart. You bring with you an aura of energy and much humor. You are a superb human being and we will recommend you to others without hesitation.”

Eli S.
Mulgrave School – Class of 2012, Parent of H.S.
Whitman College – Class of 2016, Washington

“Frazer Roland has been an invaluable resource for my sons as they have prepared for the SAT exams and their applications to university. Without Mr. Roland’s expert tutorial skills, warmth and humour, I do not know how we would have gotten through the difficult university preparation process. Our sons took advantage both of the private tutorial sessions and the classes that Can-Am Academy offers. Our older son was accepted to his first-choice school in New York, Vassar College, a highly selective, small liberal arts college that has turned out to be the perfect place for him and his many interests. Our younger son has been accepted at his first-choice college as well, Sarah Lawrence College. They both had to choose between multiple offers from various schools. We could not have been happier with the instruction offered by the whole team at Can-Am Academy and Mr. Roland in particular. You will not regret the investment. Please feel free to contact us at: hollyann@shaw.ca if you have any questions.”

Holly Collins Kahn and Family Parent of:
Aidan: Vassar College – Class of 2014, NY
Rowen: Sarah Lawrence College – Class of 2016, NY
Rockridge Secondary School – Class of 2011 & 2013 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Signing up to take Can-Am Learning Academy’s one-week SAT boot camp this past summer was one of the best choices I have ever made! It really gave me that extra push with my score, and I went from 1960 to 2210, 250 points! The week was intense, but Frazer taught in such an engaging, memorable, and entertaining way that it was fun! I learned so many tips and tricks that I know will stay with me for a very long time. I had taken other SAT prep classes before, but nothing can compare to this one. Sign up now, it’s definitely worth it!”

Zoe Luba Seycove
Secondary School – Class of 2012 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“I am extremely happy to recommend Frazer to ANYONE who is planning on taking their SAT! My experience was more than wonderful, and not only did my score increase from 2020 to 2110, but I had a lot of fun too and became much more confident about taking the exam. I was feeling really frustrated with my SAT going into the CAN-AM Test Prep Academy course, as I wasn’t seeing much progress and was dealing with lots of inconsistency. I wasn’t sure if any course would help with this. In short, YES, Can-Am DEFINITELY does!! Honestly, after I spent a week with Frazer, I felt so much more prepared and saw great results with the practice tests I took and on the SAT I did in October. Seriously, I couldn’t say enough good things about my experience!”

Emily Luba
Seycove Secondary School – Class of 2012 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
“Frazer’s unique SAT strategies certainly helped our daughter improve her SAT score. She was accepted at all four U.S. universities she applied to and received scholarship offers from everyone!”

Lynn, W. Vancouver
I owe a big thank you to Frazer for my success on the SAT. His tutoring went above and beyond my expectations and the techniques and tips he provided in the lessons were invaluable. He was encouraging and focused and he provided a very comfortable working environment. Without Frazer’s help, I would not be attending UC Davis next year to play division 1 lacrosse. Thanks again, Frazer!

Ellie D.
“Frazer did a great job with me …. He is the ‘go-to-guy’ for SAT prep work …. Believe me, you will pass and get a better mark if you go through his program. You do your part, and he will do his part. I really encourage any athlete going to a USA  university to take his course. Don’t leave anything to chance – Take the Course Frazer offers and you will succeed – it’s worth every penny ! “

Jordan Varga   – Freshman
South Dakota State ‘Jacks’ – Baseball
NCAA – Div 1
After working one-on-one with Frazer on the math section of the SAT and attending a Can-Am workshop, my SAT scores rose dramatically – from 1750 on my first write to 2010 on my last. The skills taught to me by Frazer allowed me to improve my ACT score and refine my mental approach to mathematics in general. Thanks to my score improvement, I was accepted via early admissions to the University of Pennsylvania – Cam-Am learning services are invaluable!

I have recently become acquainted with Mr. Frazer Roland while my son was participating in a course on SAT Program & Tutorial. During this period, I have been very impressed by his commitment & the dedicated manner with which Mr. Roland carried out his duties as an instructor.  He displayed maturity, motivational level, and seriousness of purpose throughout the entire course duration. He is very well organized, approaches issues in a systematic way, and manages his time effectively. Mr. Roland has excellent communication and interpersonal skill. He Interacts well with his students. He is well composed and always is in control of his class. I Highly recommend Mr. Frazer Roland to be an asset in any educational environment.

Javad Habibi,
Head, Operation Center Operation & Planning Branch Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
I found that the techniques used by Frazer were very helpful in eliminating and finding a quick solution. He focuses more on the simpler ones which do not affect your mark because each question is worth the same. As you understand more of the techniques he teaches you can answer more questions quickly and efficiently. SAT is a timed thing so speed and accuracy count. Frazer helped me with simple things that made the SAT that much easier.

Riley Barker
University of Portland
It was our pleasure to have met you. The time, passion, and consideration you gave to our son is something that is rarely found in an educational world. Our son was always enjoyed his time with you and seemed to rather enjoy subjects that he was not fond of in school. We were also very impressed with the time management and organization of our program, it helped us work around our busy schedules with ease. We are now waiting for Luka’s SAT results, but we are convinced that through your comprehensive tutoring he obtained the grade he was looking for. We would be pleased to recommend you to any of our friends or colleges.

Sanja and Predrag Petkovic
Luka’s Parents
Frazer Roland is energetic, positive & very knowledgeable.  We were amazed at the amount of information my daughter gained within the first 2 hours of seeing Frazer.  As a matter of fact, my daughter saw Frazer 2hrs on a Thursday, another 2hrs on the next day, Friday & wrote an ACT test on the following day, Saturday.  Not only did Frazer give her confidence in her own abilities, but he also pumped her up to take the test and she scored a 33 (an improvement of 2 points from her previous attempt!)  My daughter felt that her one on one time with Frazer was invaluable.
Lisa G.
Our daughter Katie is an elite runner in Canada and was under consideration for scholarships from schools all over the US. As she trains every day, it was impossible to study for the Says by herself. We were referred to Fraser by another athlete’s family and impressed by his program. He was flexible with his time, very organized, student-friendly, and extremely professional. Most important my daughter liked him and was able to learn strategies to write the SATs successfully. Katie is now in her freshman year at the school she chose UCLA on a full academic and athletic scholarship. She is doing very well in both school and sports. We thank Fraser very sincerely for his ongoing help and advice.

Thank you,
Linda, Rob, and Katie Reid
“Can-Am Learning Services was integral in my SAT success and a big reason I had no problems being accepted to an American University. Their dynamic teaching methods made beating the SAT fun and easy. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to be admitted to the University of their choice.”

Zorast Gustavsp
Hey Frazer
“I just want to say that apart from being good at teaching students, I think you are a wonderful person and you have a rare capability of motivating people to achieve their goals. I remember many times when I was feeling down or when something unfortunate happened in my life, you were always there to help me pick myself up on my own two feet and lead me back on the pathway towards success. Many students are lucky to have you as their teacher. Thanks for your unwavering support.”

Nader M.
Shawnigan Lake School – Class of 2012, Vancouver Island, BC
UBC’s Sauder School of Businesss – Class of 2016, Vancouver, BC
Jamshed and I want to thank you for your dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, and positive approach with super teaching techniques which helped Shayain and Zorast pass their GMAT and SATs which allowed them to study in USA Universities.

Tushna and Jamshed Gustavsp