Planning to Apply in the EA/ED round? Summer Testing is Your Best Bet

Yes, I know.  Summer is here and all you can think about is laying on the beach with a good book or playing beach volleyball with your friends. However, this particular summer is very different from all others; it is the summer before your senior year and time is of the essence.  Your grade 11 marks are all set. Your activities are more or less what they are.  Standardized testing is where you can still make a difference in your chance of admission to the universities you are targeting.

With a little extra test preparation, you can take the July ACT or the August SAT in a test center across the border (these two summer test sessions are only offered in the US) in order to see an improvement in your scores. The September ACT is another opportunity for which you can do prepping during summer months. With admissions rates for the early round of admission being so much higher than in the regular round, this is where you can take an active role in making a difference in your future. A combination of practice and tutorials in the SAT or ACT, is what can increase your score, making you stand out in this competitive admission environment.

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