Make It a Productive Summer!

This is a summer unlike any other. Due to the Coronavirus, school is online, extracurricular activities have been halted, summer programs have been cancelled, and our government is advocating staying at home and social distancing to prevent the spreading of this illness in our communities. The SAT and ACT have postponed tests from April and May to late summer and fall. They will be adding new test dates in late summer to accommodate those students who wish to take these tests early in order to apply to universities in the early action or early decision round. This should not be the cause of stress for you. All your peers are in the same boat and your situation is no different than anyone else’s. Look at it from a positive point of view; this buys you more time to prepare for the SAT or ACT and to take several mock tests prior to sitting down for the real exam. Take maximum advantage of the summer by focusing on your SAT and ACT preparation.

Can-Am Test Prep Academy is a resource and partner for you, keeping you up-to-date with news from College Board and as to test cancellations, new testing schedules, and other possibilities such as at-home-tests which, believe it or not, are being considered. Our student-focused approach takes you through every component of the test. This, combined with our practice of working on strategies to outsmart the test, and ways to tackle test anxiety, will help you achieve your highest score

Recently, the world of admissions testing has been inundated with a series of unexpected changes and will likely continue to transform as both test makers and test takers learn to navigate the new realities we are facing. Let us help you navigate this new world, enabling you to conquer the test in a timely manner.

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