Date 2020-07-01 - 2028-12-11
Time SAT: 4:30-6:30 pm, ACT 7-9 pm
Location Online
Organizer Can-Am Test Prep Academy
Phone 604.544.3033

The standardized testing landscape has been going through many changes. Internationally, the ACT is now a computer-based test and the SAT will be sure to follow. Some universities have dropped their SAT or ACT requirements for all students and gone completely test optional while others waive these tests for students graduating with an IB diploma. Keeping up with these changes and the best strategies for tackling them is intimidating.

When you work with  Can-Am Test Prep Academy, you’ll draw on our expertise and knowledge. Can-Am’s principal, Frazer Roland, offers unparalleled insight into university admissions testing. He’s a seasoned teacher who keeps up with changes in the testing landscape and with innovations in test-taking strategy. We’ll help you decide which tests to take, learn strategies for mastering test content, and learn how to use super-scoring to your advantage.

Please view the schedule of upcoming SAT & ACT Prep classes here.  We can take the confusion out of test prep for you!

These classes are open to students from all schools.