Improved Scores: Can-Am Test Prep Academy’s students earn higher test scores when working with Frazer who motivates them through a combination of stimulation and rewards while boosting their confidence moving forward. Students, who complete 28 hours or more of group and private tutorials and at least 80% of their homework with Can-Am, improve their composite ACT score by an average of 5 points. On the SAT, the average increase is generally 100 points or more.  Frazer builds student success on his lifetime of expertise in working with young people, using his unique sense of humor, empowering his students to achieve their best.

Merit-Based Scholarships: Many Can-Am families find that higher test scores can help ease the financial burden of a four-year tuition bill. High SAT or ACT scores can pave the way for merit-based scholarships at many U.S. colleges and universities.

SAT Testimonial:My initial experience with SAT prep locally cost me three months and 2 official SAT tests, with lousy performances on both tests.  Then friends recommended working with Frazer online. It was indubitably the best investment I have ever made.  SAT lessons with Frazer were fun as he has an innovative way of going through the traditional SAT.  His multimedia slideshows are both entertaining and effective.  As well, he uses language and anecdotes that make the content easier to absorb. As a matter of fact, in the first six lessons we had, I improved my SAT score by 180 points”.
–Former Can-Am Student

ACT Testimonial: “Frazer is, without exaggeration, the best ACT tutor on the planet. I self-prepared for the SAT with mediocre results and was referred to Can-Am in August prior to my senior year. We started off with a mock ACT test and quickly began preparing for the September sitting of the ACT. Within a couple of weeks, I took the ACT and scored a 35/36, opening up the upcoming October SAT dates for my SAT Subject Tests, paving the way for an early decision application. Frazer is a miracle worker and without him, I would not have made it to Columbia University!
–Former Can-Am Student