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Why Choose Us?

Coach TJ has created a unique service for Canadian Athletes to achieve their dream of receiving an athletic scholarship to a university in the United States. CAAS was solely created to provide consulting, support, and guidance services to ensure Canadian athletes have the opportunity to play and compete in their desired sport as well as an opportunity to receive a university education at little or no cost. We provide one-on-one guidance and coaching services throughout the entire recruiting process with the athlete, the parents, and their coaches. Unlike many other recruiting companies which are plentiful via the internet but very impersonal, our service is personalized with individualized attention focused on the athlete.

What We Do? Quite simply, Can-Am Athletic Scholarships take the guess work out of the recruiting process. The recruiting process is complicated and time-consuming. It requires advanced and systematic planning, coupled with proper timelines. We have the expertise, experience, and network to ensure recruiting timelines and application deadlines are met and your personal profile is complete for a positive and successful marketing 2

The TEAM Approach means we engage Together, Executing & Accomplishing a Marketing Campaign. It is important to understand that we all play a crucial role in creating the best outcome for this opportunity. We are a TEAM, creating a support system for the student-athlete in this recruiting process which is exciting but can also be daunting and overwhelming without proper planning and tangible timelines. The scholarship coach (CAAS), the athlete and their family will work together to develop a professional profile specifically targeting the university which is the best ‘fit’ both athletically and academically.

Recruiting Process Overview:

  1. Athletic Recruitment – Understanding NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, Ivy League
  2. NCAA & NAIA – Rules and regulations for each sports division
  3. NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse  Establishing the student’s academic eligibility and amateur status as an athlete
  4. SAT or ACT Prep  Advising on registration and timelines as well as test preparation and tutoring
  5. Placement & Fit  Researching availability of scholarships and opportunities to match student with the best academic and athletic ‘fit’
  6. National Letter of Intent  Understanding NLI rules and procedures
  7. Your Athletic Resume  Putting together a profile that showcases the student/athlete’s strengths
  8. Your Athletic Video  Planning and referral for creating and editing of student’s athletic video
  9. Recruitment Packages  To send out to colleges and universities, both public and private
  10. University Coaches  Understanding communications policies and what contact is permissible
  11. Campus Visits  Official and unofficial visits and meeting with coaches and scouts
  12. There are many more details that go into the recruitment process; this is only a partial list of what we do at Can-Am Athletic Scholarships.


The most important thing is your level of commitment as well as GAME:

G.  Grades & SAT Scores Do you have the grades, the SAT or ACT scores, and the courses required to be accepted to US Universities?

A.  Athleticism Do you have the athletic skills and ability required and valued by university coaches?

M.  Marketing Are you prepared to campaign and market yourself with the information required and needed by university coaches?

E.  Effort – Do you have the initiative to prepare and work hard for this opportunity to play in your desired sport and attend university with a scholarship?

We have extensive knowledge and professional relationships with many U.S. universities and their athletic coaches. Along with a great track record, we can help all future college athletes, parents, and local coaches through the daunting task of demystifying and dealing with the rules and regulations of the NCAA and NAIA.

There are 6000+ Colleges and Universities – Division I, II, III, NAIA and Junior Colleges –  in the United States.  Likewise, there are 40,000 university coaches in 30 sports in the United States offering Athletic Scholarships. This means that there are 1000 Athletic Scholarships available in every sport. Athletes, parents, and coaches should understand that 83% of all Athletic Scholarships are not in Division I. This means you do not have to be a blue-chip athlete (the best of the best) but you still need to have GAME.

girls in sportWe have taken our 30+ years of experience and expertise and created a proven system to educate, build, and market each individual athlete for the best opportunity of receiving an Athletic Scholarship to a US university. Our time, effort, and dedication will lead the way in making their dream a reality. As athletes ourselves, we can identify with a students dreams of playing a sport at the university level. We are very proud of the service we offer and love working with talented and motivated athletes.

If you’re an athlete interested in attending a US university on scholarship, the time to act is NOW!  Book an initial consultation to determine your eligibility and review timelines for preparation. It is better to begin early than to find out you’re too late for the recruiting process which can sometimes begin as early as grade 9 or 10.  Remember that whatever your sport, there is a college or university that needs you!

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For more information, contact Taronne Atley (Coach TJ) at (778) 999-3026