Can-Am.logoCan-Am Test Prep Academy has been preparing students for US university entrance exams since 2006. We hold classes in the Greater Vancouver Area at a number of schools as well as online to serve our students who hail from across the world. Our goal is to maximize the score of every student. We strive towards this goal through a skillful presentation of the concepts, strategies, and timing necessary to reach one’s target score. Our approach is personalized to the needs of each and every student.  Below are some highlights of how we work/our services:

  • Instructors with 20+ years experience in SAT and ACT preparation
  • Outstanding and engaging classes
  • Working with students across the academic spectrum
  • Working with student/athletes
  • Classroom preparation, online tutorials, and/or private tutoring
  • Can-Am Online Tutorials are interactive one-on-one tutoring in an online format
  • Well-versed in the latest trends: reading and researching changes and new developments
  • Students benefit from the same methodology which has helped hundreds of students get into their top-choice universities for over a decade

We have designed a unique electronic teaching version for SAT and ACT preparation (including SAT Subject test prep for Math I & II, and Physics) which we use to help train students prepare for these standardized tests.  These PowerPoint presentations allow us to cover more ground in all the components of the SAT and ACT during each tutorial session.  This visual approach to instruction is highly effective with today’s tech-oriented youth and students are able to increase their scores after completing our course.  Can-Am Test Prep’s students have gone on to successfully gain admission to American colleges and universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Caltech, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins,Vassar, USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Barnard, Pomona, Wellesley and others.