Can-Am.logoCan-Am Test Prep Academy is unlike any other test prep agency.  Our focus is not on prepping a huge number of students and sending them through the revolving doors of ACT and SAT.  We truly care about each individual student and their well-being is of primary importance to us.  By teaching them to relax and not stress out about standardized testing, we strengthen their confidence. Our unique methodology of using PowerPoint presentations and multimedia to get our strategies across and to keep students fully engaged, makes the sessions fun, lively and informative, is perfect for visual learners, and has brought us accolades from students and parents alike.  Our revolutionary approach and focus on strategies to beat the test, creates better test-takers of our students.  We have had the privilege to teach the SAT or ACT at some of the top schools in Vancouver including Mulgrave School, Saint George’s School, West Point Grey Academy, Southpointe Academy, Board of Education Burnaby School District 41, and Continuing Education Richmond School District 38. 

Our students have excellent results and we are proud of our track record!  In the past five year, our students were admitted to Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UChicago, UPenn, Caltech, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Wellesley, Tufts, Brown, Dartmouth, Berkeley & other UC campuses, as well as to other U.S. colleges and universities.  While we train a new group of test-takers, we look forward to hearing the success stories of the students who have graduated from our program as they go through university and beyond. See our testimonial page for more details of our fish - diversity concept, racism and isolation

Get your ACT Together with our 4 P’s!

Proven Strategies to Master the ACT Content & Format

PowerPoint Presentations with Explanations Ideal for Visual Learners

Practice Problems in Class & for Homework

Practice Tests to gauge your readiness

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