Can-Am.logoThe SAT and the ACT are standardized tests often required by U.S. universities and colleges to determine  students’ preparedness for university admission.  At Can-Am Test Prep Academy, we take the SAT and ACT seriously!  Our classes are unique in that our instructors make use of Power Point presentations, which are constantly enhanced.  This electronic teaching method allows the instructor to cover more ground in all the components of the SAT and ACT during each tutorial session, particularly in math, where this innovation allows us to move at a fast pace, having diagrammed every question and problem set electronically.  Our visual approach to instruction is both entertaining and highly effective with today’s tech-oriented students. It is not unusual for students who have completed our classes to increase their scores by 200-300 points or to break the 2100 SAT bench mark. In the ACT, our strategy has allowed students to crack the 32 composite mark. We coach students on the test format, test content, and strategies for all components of the ACT and SAT, including essay-writing.  We familiarize them with the traps and sneaky attempts designed to draw them to the wrong answers in the SAT.  Scores go up when we show our students how to spot these ploys and help them identify the skill sets they need to improve their scores. Since time is a major factor in writing the SAT and ACT, we teach strategies which are geared towards finding solutions and choosing the correct response efficiently and within the shortest time frame possible. Can-Am’s students have gone on to successfully gain admission to American colleges and universities, including highly selective institutions such as the Ivy League universities, Stanford, Caltech and some of the top American liberal arts colleges. We have literally spent thousands of hours working with students and developing strategies to help them succeed on standardized tests.  Our track record is evidence of our success.  Time flies when students are absorbed in Can-Am’s exclusive Power Point tutorials.  Our dynamic teaching method will enable student to become test-savvy, increase their scores, and help them gain admission to their top choice university.  We can help students get prepped in a hurry!  Contact us at 604.544.3033 for enquiries or to register for group classes or private tutorials. Please take a look at our upcoming class schedules.                                 Prepare! Review! Get Set to Test!

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Winter-Spring 2016 SAT – ACT Prep Courses

Students seeking comprehensive university counseling and guidance in gaining admission to elite US universities should contact Bibi Malek at Select College Admissions or call 604.561.6407. Canadian student athletes looking for a U.S. sports scholarship and guidance regarding athletic recruitment should contact Taronne Atley at Can-Am Athletic Scholarships or call  778.999.3026. Students interested in exploring and investigating there potential college and university campuses should contact Caroline Clarke at University Scouting or call 778.378.8407.


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